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Who is Your Business Serving?

Updated: Mar 20, 2018

It is often said by many people....

I want my business to be successful!

But what do we actually mean by that?

Is it about serving ourselves and just becoming rich or is it serving and meeting the needs of others?

Of course we all need money, but what is the driving force behind your business?

The debate could go on for days!!

I ask myself these questions daily.

Who do I want to add value to?

What are the benefits of my business?

What solution am I delivering?

In my opinion there are 3 vital ingredients needed in any business.

A heart to LOVE what we do!

A heart to SHARE our knowledge!

A heart to CARE about others!

It all starts with a heart to serve

I am just saying!

A question to ask yourself today is who is your business serving?

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