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Distractions Distractions Distractions!

Sometimes in life we set our goals and we know which direction we would like to excel in, but along the way we can get distracted. What do we do?

We can stay focused, or we can give up!

Without vision, direction and a plan you will lose your way easily.

Words of advice and encouragement.......

Do not be discouraged, we are all doing this thing called life and we WILL make mistakes!

Mistakes are there to shape us, to teach us and give us amazing life lessons and is also the designer of the tapestry of our life stories. We must learn from our mistakes!!

Life Lessons!

Do not compare yourself to others, you are unique and only you can share your experience!

Do not be stopped by failure or become distracted with external or internal negative noise.

Chisel away until the negative voice has gone. You will succeed, if you don't give up.

Distractions are there to do their job.... Distract, discourage and disrupt!

Your job is to stay focused on your gaols, you WILL reach, achieve and accomplish your goals if you stay focused.

Be authentic, be transparent and be willing to give of yourself.

Don't give up now, you are closer than you think!

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