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Tips for making your Vision a Reality!

Everyone should have a Vision for their life no matter how large or small. What does your vision look like?

By taking care and ownership of your vision; you are taking care of your 'tomorrow' today!

Here are some tips that will help you in making your Vision a Reality!


The power of the written or spoken word - Research has shown that if you write down your goals you stand a much better chance of achieving them because they become more conscious and you become more aware of words and actions.

TIME - Time is a very precious commodity!

Date-specific - When you write down your goals make sure that you attach a date to it for example. I will reach "abc" goal by a specific date (write the date)!


VISION BOARD - This is a visual reminder of things that you would like to achieve

Create your Vision Board, have fun and make it achievable. As you start your journey of trying to achieve your goal’s they may not always go the way you want, so be prepared to have a plan of achievable steps you need to take and be also prepared to change your direction in line with your vision.


Find a trusted honest person to become your Accountability Partner - Tell a friend what you are going to do and ask them to hold you accountable to the things you want to achieve and the direction of your path .


What if I do, what if I don’t?

No action consequence - Write the things that will happen if you take no action. Who will be affected if you take no action? What effect will it have on you if you see someone doing what you planned to do, but did not because you failed to take action? Focus on what you can do and imagine the lives you can impact and change and the value it will bring to others. It is not always about you!


Big, medium and small action plan - What is the bare minimum and the maximum you will do on a daily basis to hit your goals? Write 3-5 steps that you need to take to the next stage!


Make your affirmations positive.

Choose carefully how you describe yourself

How you see yourself is how the world will see you!

Public declarations - If social media is your preferred platform of communication, make a post on social media to tell people what you are going to do, this will almost certainly allow you to achieve your goals because you made it public. One of the biggest fears, believe it not, is failing in public!


Record your challenges and successes. This will make it easier to test, measure and track your journey. Celebrate your successes - Check every day to see what you are doing and see if you are on track. If not, then make sure you change your course accordingly. Don’t take massive action - It's better to take small measurable steps on a daily basis instead of trying to achieve it all in one go.


Find someone who has already mastered whatever it is you want to achieve and get them to teach you step by step. Great way to find a mentor or coach.

Happy Vision Boarding!

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